Stars Over Foy

NL // Netherlands



Stars Over Foy is a Dutch Ambient music producer with Australian descent.

Stars Over Foy was founded in 2015 to create relaxation, meditation and sleep music for the audio CD series World of Ambient by Swiss based radio station Planet Ambi HD Radio.

Stars Over Foy creates unique and beautiful relaxing atmospheres combined with the sounds of nature and produces his music in the Wintersland Studio.

Until We Meet Again In Heaven, Don’t Run To The River, At The End Of The Ocean, Guiding Bells and We Are Not From Earth charted in 2016 in the World Chill Charts (WCC) and his music got featured on many (CD) compilations.
Lost in the Outback was added to the World Chill Charts compilation.

On June 23 he released his CD album “Mirror of Emotions” featuring 8 unique Ambient tracks.

He launched his new project “Stars Over Foy presents Art of Drone” on September 23 with the CD “Outrunning The Darkness” featuring 6 brand new drone pieces.

In September 2016 he released his World of Ambient Podcast, a monthly podcast featuring ambient and drone music which is available for free on iTunes.

Meanwhile, many of his music charted around the world and his music got picked up by many compilation albums.

Since October 2017 is the World of Ambient show broadcasted on Space Dreams.


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